Let's Know About
Construction Chemicals

Our construction chemicals are engineered to enhance construction projects’ performance, durability, and efficiency. Our product range includes admixtures, sealants, waterproofing agents, grouts, and curing compounds. They cater to various needs within the industry, ensuring superior quality and long-lasting results.


Our comprehensive range of construction chemicals is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the construction industry, delivering reliable, high-performance solutions for a variety of applications.

Concrete Admixtures – Concrete Admixtures improve the workability, strength, and durability of concrete. These additives include plasticizers, superplasticizers, accelerators, and retarders, tailored to optimize concrete performance for specific applications, from high-rise buildings to infrastructure projects.

Waterproofing Solutions – Our Waterproofing Solutions provide robust protection against water infiltration, safeguarding structures from damage and deterioration. These products include liquid membranes, cementitious coatings, and sealants, designed to ensure buildings remain dry and secure.

Repair and Restoration Products – Repair and Restoration Products are essential for maintaining the integrity and extending the lifespan of structures. Our range includes epoxy mortars, crack fillers, and structural repair compounds, ideal for addressing various issues from minor cracks to significant structural repairs.

Flooring Systems – Our advanced Flooring Systems offer durability, chemical resistance, and aesthetic appeal for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. These systems include epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylic flooring solutions, designed to withstand heavy traffic and harsh conditions.

POISE @ 25°C
ACRYL C7047 ± 1%03 - 05 Ps17°COffers Excellent Bonding Strength in
Cementous Surface
ACRYL C8055 ± 1%02 - 10 Ps-4°COffers Very Good Elongation in Cement Compositions and also provides very good
Water Proofing Properties
ACRYL C4038 ± 1%10 – 20 Ps19°CEmulsion for boosting the
penetration of primers
ACRYL C5050 ± 1%02 - 10 PsNAResin to increase the strength and bonding in cement