Overband / Cross Belt Magnetic Separator

We deal in suspended permanent magnetic overband separators that are designed to eliminate tramp metal from the product carried by a belt, vibratory feeders, or inclined planes. Overbands are mainly used to protect machines such as crushers, shredders, and others, to remove ferrous particles and purify products (Industries like Foundries, Coal Mines, Cement Works, Food, Sponge Iron, Charcoal, Glass, Chemical Industries, and Domestic waste recycling Plants). Permanent magnetic overband separators are used when an automatic removal of ferrous contamination is necessary. If not then fixed permanent suspension magnets are preferable.

Salient Features:

  • Comes with a ceramic or powerful rare earth magnet
  • Separator body covering
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • High efficiency of separation
  • Long belt life


  • There are five types of separators redesigned to operate at a predetermined working gap over the conveyor.
    • 100mm
    • 150mm
    • 200mm
    • 250mm
    • 300mm
  • While choosing the type of overband there are a few parameters to be considered, like the speed of the belt, the nature of the product, its density, its granulometry, and the size of the pieces.
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