Electromagnetic Vibro Feeder

Our electromagnetic vibratory feeder is used in handling various types of materials such as hot, damp, lumpy, dusty, or abrasive for multiple functions. The vibrations produced are smooth, uniform, and with a volumetric flow that is fully controllable with the help of a VFD controller. Its main use is to control product flow in bulk handling plants, like coke, quartz, mineral, cement, glass, and many more similar industries.


  • Chemical Plant:To control the flow of ingredients to mixing Tanks.
  • Foundries:For the addition of Binders and sand reprocessing systems.
  • Iron and Steel Industries:Controlled Flow of Iron Ore, Scrap, and smelting Furnace.
  • Glass Industries:Handling Glass cullet to the Furnace, & glass products. For chemical additives handling, like Soda Ash, etc.
  • Ceramic Industries:For controlled ingredients flow in the batch processing.
  • Pulp and Paper Industries:Chemical additives feeding in the batch processing.
  • Metal:Feeding metal parts to heat-treating Furnaces.
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