Belt Type Magnetic Separator / Belt Concentrator

Our Belt Type magnetic separator is used to separate the sponge iron from the mixture of Char & Sponge. Light magnetic properties from bauxite powder and other various minerals, fertilizers, etc.

The Belt Type magnetic separator machine incorporates two conveyor belts. One carrying the mix of raw material feed uniformly through a motorized vibrating feeder and another belt parallel to the main belt incorporates an inverted magnetic plate that attracts the iron particles which gets separated as soon as it leaves the magnetic field. Both the belts are driven by separate geared motors coupled directly to the roll. The belt speed can be decided as per the application.

The unit is designed with very sturdy construction incorporated with high-intensity strontium ferrite slab magnets or superintensity Nd-FeB rare earth magnets to achieve the application. The main benefit of the system is that the magnetic field can be adjusted by lowering/raising the magnetic plate as per the requirement.

Salient Features:

  • High strength, concentrated deep magnetic field
  • Endless cleated belt
  • Operates in hazardous environments
  • Adjustable magnetic strength


  • For the separation of Sponge iron and char
  • For the upgradation /separation of Bauxite fine powder
  • For Upgradation of iron ore
  • Cast iron powder cleaning etc.
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