Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator:

Our Permanent Drum type separators are widely used for separating tramp iron from nonmagnetic material to attain the purity of end products. It also helps in protecting processing plants and machinery by recovering metal impurities having commercial value as well. Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator is widely used in all the processing industries for the separation of iron contamination from minerals, chemicals, food, grains, sand, plastic fertilizers, slag, ores, etc.

Double Drum Type Magnetic Separator:

Double Drum Type Magnetic Separator is mostly used for achieving the highest end product purity. The material passes through the magnet twice in a Double Drum type machine. Mainly it is used for the separation of iron contamination from Minerals, Chemicals, Refractory, and many other products. In Double Drum Type Magnetic Separators high power permanent magnetic plate is provided at the material outlet. Modern and Isotropic Permanent Magnets are used having the highest coercivity and everlasting magnetic strength. Machines are available with vibrating material inlet hoppers and a totally enclosed design to avoid dusting and pollution. Online fitting design is also available as per requirement.

Triple Drum Magnetic Separator with Control Panel:

Triple Drum Type Magnetic Separators are also available on demand.

Salient Features:

  • Drum consists of high coercivity modern anisotropic permanent magnets
  • Strong and rugged construction
  • Automatic separation of iron impurities
  • Completely enclosed design to avoid dusting and pollution

Size Range:

Model no. No. of Drums Capacity tones per Hour Drum Size
Dia mm Length mm
J-651-SDS 1 1.0 300 450
J-651-DDS 2 1.0 300 450
J-652-SDS 1 1.5 400 500
J-652-DDS 2 1.5 400 500
J-653-SDS 1 2.0 400 600
J-653-DDS 2 2.0 400 600
J-654-SDS 1 3.0 400 750
J-654-DDS 2 3.0 400 750
J-655-SDS 1 5.0 450 850
J-655-DDS 2 5.0 450 850

Special size and capacity Drum Separators can be supplied as per requirement. The larger the diameter and width of the drum the greater the volume of material that can be handled.

Magnetic Materials:

Magnetic separators are offered with two different types of magnets.

  • Ferrite Magnet:

The magnetic separator with ceramic magnet is useful for the application where free and larger iron particles are to be separated. The average magnetic intensity on the magnetic drum surface will be 1500-2000, Gauss.

  • Rare Earth Magnet:

The magnetic separator with high-intensity Rare Earth Nd-Fe-B (Neodymium- Iron- Boron) magnets is useful for removing magnetic contamination with low magnetic properties and fine iron particles. The average magnetic intensity on the drum surface will be 3500 – 5500 Gauss.

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